Adjustable fore/aft as well as side to side. You can even angle the chock if you are not on the deck straight.

Our chock system is based on an L-Track which allows you to position the chock anywhere across the deck that is required. Based on what you are loading, you can properly position your L Track sections. You no longer have to weld nuts under the deck to bolt your chocks to.

Chock system allows moving the chock fore/aft four inches and sideways in 2″ increments.

The use of L track allows for better adaptation to the car position on the deck. That means you don’t have to move the car, and the chocks are better situated to keep the car from moving. The L track is also a great cargo tie-down capability for when the car is not on the deck.

Use of through-the-wheel straps to secure the wheel to the chock means you don’t have to reach far onto the deck to secure the back side of a wheel net or over-the-wheel strap. The through the wheel strap secures the car very well and is far easier to install. It does, however, require that your wheels have slots or spokes.

The chock itself is fully powder coated for corrosion resistance. The lashing winch is secured to the chock with grade 8 hardware. The wheel strap is able to be adjusted with either a socket or with a bar.

The chock system comes with everything needed except the L Track and L track attachment bolts that are used to attach the L track to your deck. Because each bed is different, you need to determine the appropriate fastener/method to attach the L track to your bed.

Each chock has a lashing winch installed on it, two L track double studs, and a single wheel strap. We supply one spare stud, in case you lose one. The system is designed for “angled shoulder” L track, NOT embedded L track or square edge L track. To save on shipping costs chocks are sent unassembled, but assembly is obvious, and easy.

You can adapt this system to many vehicle types. CanAm trikes, golf carts, ATVs, etc., can all be tied down with this system.

On our builds we typically use a 92″ section of the L track on each side. This is available from Cargo Equipment Corporation. Be sure to specify “angled” L track. End caps are also available to finish the “look”. We secure the L track to the deck with 5/16-18 socket flat head screws – but your method may vary based on your deck. These screws have an angled shoulder to fit flush in the L track (LINK).

Price is $549 plus shipping for a set of four chocks. Shipping is generally $80.00.