Truck Interiors

This Volvo 730 had the cab gutted and we added four seats to it. We relocated the rear HVAC to the cabinet next to the seat. New flooring, some new wall panels, and sound insulation were added.

RVH Lifestyles can do most interior renovations to your truck. From adding windows to completely gutting the cab and re-styling it, we can do the work.

This interior has three rows of seating. We also recovered the walls and floor, and relocated all electrical and heating/cooling items in the rear. Insulation and sound deadening was also added.

The Volvo 630 below had windows added to it. We can do side or rear windows, depending on your needs (a rear window is shown). Every window situation is slightly different, so cost will depend on the situation.

Types of things that we do:

  • Table/Workstation – need a table in your cab but you do not currently have one? Our tables are an improvement in looks over the Volvo workstation and come in laminate, or wood. We can add that workstation where one does not presently exist.
  • Seats – both upgrades to the driver/passenger seats, and adding seating with seat/shoulder belts in the rear. We can handle most of your seating needs.
  • Windows – need windows in a cab that does not currently have them? We can add side or rear windows to your specifications.
  • Walls – need to repair your wall panels, or simply upgrade them to something nicer? We can do as simple or as complex as you need.
  • Insulation/Sound deadening – want a warmer/cooler/ quieter interior? We can add sound deadening and insulation to your cab.
  • Flooring – replace your current flooring with all new carpeting, wood or LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring. We generally add insulation and sound deadening when doing this.

We restructure the interior elements to suit the modifications that we are making, including moving the HVAC systems and electrical systems.


We add a lot of tables to Volvo trucks that do not have the workstation in them. This is the most common interior upfit that we do. Adding a table requires that the lower bunk be removed and seating added, as well as the table itself. Typically this table converts to a bunk utilizing the cushions – just like the Volvo workstation does. We do not use the Volvo workstation because it is very expensive. Building our own table and using our own mechanism means we can provide a quality product at a better price for the customer.

The standard table is a laminate top, but we can do maple and walnut tops with or without integrated cupholders. Here are several examples – all of these were fixed beds before we upgraded them to a “workstation”, and they all make into beds. None of the ones shown have seatbelts, but we can add those if desired.

These cushions are vinyl, and in two-tone. The bottoms and tops are different colors which allows the interior look to change. The rear back panel was also replaced and updated.
Notice this is the same interior as above, but with the cushions turned over for a different look.
A walnut table top with custom coasters.
Laminate top without cupholders. Cloth cushions that complement the interior.


There is no way around it – interior work is costly. Replacing the driver and passenger seats are relatively easy to do and other than the cost of the seats there is generally not much labor involved. So that is probably the least costly interior improvement.

Full interior renovation costs can add up fast, since it is mostly labor. Moving electrical components like inverters and electrical centers, Webasto heaters, rear HVAC systems, recovering the walls and floors, adding sound deadening, etc all involve a lot of labor. Labor costs are the largest component of the project.

A large job may have 80-120 hrs of labor in it – or even more. We will work with you to identify what is really required in your project vs. “nice to have” and help you make the tradeoffs involved. But be aware that interior renovations are one of the most costly things you can do to a truck.