Kenworth T680
Chock system using L Track. Adjustable both directions.
Volvo 860 in “Gunmetal Grey”. We painted this car to match. Drom box is a two-door metal version left in black powder coat.
Testing the MountainMaster Trike loader. Loads flat on ground.
Custom boxes on sports utility bed with a singled truck. Gas shocks or cables will be added.
Side by side ramp storage under the hitch.
Jeep carrier – but only when not hooked up. Custom boxes forward and aft of the axles. We can also stretch the frame and carry a Jeep while hooked to a fifth wheel.
Custom Box extends all the way back to the frame.
Kenworth T680 smart car hauler with custom boxes, Boogey Lights , ET hitch.
Custom accent lights – Boogey Lights so you will be noticed. These are color changing lights.
Replacement LED headlamps and specialty driving lamps. The driving lamps are enabled by a dash switch, and are tied to the high beam headlamp circuit.
Simple sports utility bed on a tandem truck.
Rear lighting. Note the chicken lights on the bed continue under the cab. The bed lights are turn as well as marker. The drom lights and the side fairing lights are stop/turn/marker.
Extending the frame rails to mount an ET hitch on a tandem axle truck.
T680 pulling a custom New Horizons RV
Custom leather interior in a Volvo 780. We added sound deadening as well as insulation.
Custom lighting up the vertical cab fairings – marker, stop and turn. They will see you!
Volvo 780 with a sports utility bed and a four door aluminum drom box. This truck also has a nine channel DVR camera system that records all nine channels continuously. The chicken lights on the bed are also turn signals.
Typical rear treatment on our sports utility bed. Gladhands, 7-way trailer connector, three channel video connector for trailer cameras. We customized the wing on this truck so it could be retained with the drom box.
Custom electrical centers handle light conversion and isolate add-on electrical accessories from the truck systems.
Adding windows to a Volvo 630. We do full interior customizations.
Portable winch system.
Hitch cover on an M2 Freightliner with gooseneck ball under. Designed for pulling horse trailers.
From left: Freightliner Cascadia mid roof, Volvo 730 mid roof, Volvo 780, Kenworth T680, Volvo 730.
Rampage motorcycle loader.
Bike loaded with a Rampage loader.
Freighliner M2 112 custom headache rack with storage, along with our skirted premium body.
Custom box as part of a singled truck with sports utility bed.

CanAm loader – can also be used to load conventional trikes.
CanAm loader without bike.
Bending frame rails for extending the truck frame.
Custom boxes for a Spacecraft Semi-trailer wrap the legs and clean up the look.
2000 watt pure sine wave inverter with 55 amp charger. Keeps chassis batteries charged when on shore power. We specialize in doing electrical “right”.
Extra storage in our premium skirted bed.
9-channel DVR video system records all channels and acts as a backup system. It can display any combination of views on the 9″ monitor.
International Prostar with the Premium skirted bed.
Custom built suspension pintle hitch with an 8,000lb tongue rating. It can be added as shown, where it acts as a step, or integrated with the body.
Typical lighting on a single axle sports utility body. The rear plate and chicken lights are standard – the vertical fairing lights and drom lights are optional.
A very simple conversion with no bed.
Adding a drom. You don’t always need a bed – this VNR640 has open frame rails and a hitch.
Notice this truck has a commercial hitch on it, along with a fully skirted bed. What makes it especially different is that it has a second hitch on it – an RV hitch (behind the commercial). We modified the RV hitch to sit flush with the deck when the head is removed, allowing use of the commercial hitch.
Here the hitch head is removed from the RV hitch.
Sports Utility body on a tandem axle Volvo 730. This is configured to carry a smart car, or any deck cargo that can fit into the 70″ space behind the cab. Four door steel drom, ET hitch, chock system, nine cameras record to a DVR, safety lighting.