Drom Box

We generally have the four-door steel drom box in stock. It will be black matt textured powder coat. Price is $4999, pick up in Dennis, KS (plus tax). We do not ship drom boxes.

While we used to have aluminum drom boxes, we are no longer going to carry them – mainly because of the cost of aluminum. We presently offer our four-door steel drom box in textured powder coat. Our boxes are fully powder coated, both inside and out. All hardware is high-quality stainless steel.

Installation on our bodies is included at the time the body is installed. If installing on other bodies there is an installation charge, since preparation and structure is always required.

Our standard drom box is designed to sit on the deck, and is six feet wide, seven feet tall, and 16″ deep (outside). The shelves are laid out as shown in the drawing, and all shelves fold up flat against the back wall and can be retained by magnets. Our beds are structured to hold one of our boxes, even if not part of the original bed order. We can build deeper or narrower (5′ wide) versions of this drom as a custom product.

While we sometimes build custom-sized drom boxes, in general we discourage this. The standard box meets most people’s needs. Custom boxes are expensive to build and take a generous lead time.

Drom box dimensions.
Four-door steel drom box; Fully powder coated.
Four-door steel drom in textured black powder coat. Shown on a Volvo 730.

Installation at our Kansas facility is included when part of a bed build – otherwise we charge for installation, since we typically have to attach structure to mount the box.

Camera and stop/turn/marker lights on top of a drom box.
Solar panel on the roof of a Volvo 730.

Drom box options include:

  • Mounting understructure (if required). This varies based on the body design of your truck. For bodies that we design this is included.
  • Lighting across the top of the box – LED’s tied to the truck lights – stop/marker/turn.
  • Interior lighting – LED strip lights with manual switch.
  • Wet paint finish coat with clear-coat. Color matched to the truck.
  • Solar panel (up to 200 watts) angled on drom top. A rigid panel is available on Volvo 670, 780, 760, 860 models, or any other full-height tractor. On a lower profile tractor, an 80 watt MIL-spec low profile flexible panel designed for long term use and harsh conditions is used, since there is not enough room to angle a panel with the lower roofline. The flexible panel is typically adhered to the top of the truck roof, flat. All panels come with a charge controller that ties to the starting battery bank to keep that bank charged. Note that flexible panels have a relatively short lifetime, typically because of heat-related issues.
Note the stop/turn/marker lights on top of the aluminum four-door drom and also on the cab fairings.
Drom box integrated into a headache rack on an M2 Freightliner. With our fully skirted bed. Available as a custom order – we do not stock these. This product can be adjusted to the size of the truck – for example, on a Volvo 630 you would want a slightly different dimensional shape.