Replacement Pin Box

This pin box is currently out of stock. We do not know when we will restock it.

This pin box was designed specifically for a DRV. DRV uses Lippert pin boxes, so if you have a Lippert box on your trailer this pin box replacement may fit on your existing rails. However, it is UP TO YOU to determine that.

This replacement pin box fits on the Lippert L05 model pin box rails (OEM model 1621). The only differences in the measurements are the final location of the kingpin. Subtract approximately 15” from E and F in the chart below. Note that the Lippert box is often cut at an angle, not straight as shown in the diagram, but the layout is the same.

Note: when installing, torque the ⅝” grade 8 bolts to 150 lb/ft. We recommend that you use new hardware.

DRV replacement pin box.

The replacement pin box in the photo directly above is mounted in the middle holes – six bolts per side. This presents a  level ride height of 47”- 48” depending on the trailer specifications. The pin box adjustment is retained:  two inches adjustment up, and two inches adjustment down for matching to your truck. The first set of holes is 2″ from the bottom plate.

If moved up or down from the mid position you can only use five bolts per side, instead of six. Make sure that this is acceptable to you if you have to move the pinbox from the mid position!! We recommend that you use the same number of bolts as the original pin box did.

Also note how the pin box mounting structure shown is cut at an angle – this is typical of DVRs, but may differ on other brand trailers that use the same Lippert rail layout. The angle makes no difference – it may be “square” on your trailer.

Below you can see the position relative to the DRV front cap seam. It is approximately even with the seam. Also, note where the kingpin is, relative to the front angular section of the pin box rail. The front “point” of the rail denotes the approximate location of the kingpin. You can use that to estimate the new position of the kingpin on your trailer when determining if this will work for you (assuming you have a DRV).

Below, you see the results of the pin box. In the first picture, the trailer is snugged to the car, but there is plenty of turning space, mainly because the DRV cap is so rounded. It easily clears through a 90* turn. The second picture shows a DRV with a short HDT. We have also installed these on Luxe, and they worked in the installation that we did – but it is up to YOU to do the required measurements for your particular situation. Or bring your rig to Kansas or to a Rally we attend and we can do it for you.

Be sure to measure carefully before ordering this pin box. You need to ensure that any deck cargo you carry will still fit with clearance for turns.

Yes, the trailer clears in a turn…even in a dipping turn.
Better aerodynamics.

Price: $625 picked up in Kansas, plus 7.75% tax.

Shipping averages $120, but no tax. Item weighs about 85lbs.